Likes: Music, Running, Eating, sleeping in, being at the ocean

Baits: Feta cheese pizza & beer, and afterwards a nice peace of poppy seed cake:-)

Recently read: Lemmy Kilmister „White Line Fever“, Dirk Steffens „Das tierische Kuriositäten-Kabinett“, Roman Bartosch „Call of the Wild and the Ethics of Narrative Strategies“

Dislikes: Getting fat to fast, not beeing able to sleep long very often, nosepickers

Movies: Der letzte Lude, I am Legend

Music: Pantera, Alice in Chains, Disbelief, Dead can Dance, Shockgnosis, Bon Jovi


dilettante drumming

Life: boring

Condition: critical


Dire Wire

Racket Machinery:
-Guitars: Jackson RR1, Ibanez RG-370, Fender Strat Special
-Amp: ENGL Powerball
-Effects: TC-Electronic G-Major 2
-Strings: DR 011-050

Interested in: Metal, Electronics, Running, soccer

Addicted to: Winegum & Coke

This sucks: less freetime, grey hair

Last read: Mötley Crüe-The Dirt, Douglas Preston-Credo, Donna W. Cross-Die Päpstin

Movies: Doppelpack, Chicks, Spun...

Music: Machine Head, Pantera, Carnal Forge, Disarmonia Mundi, Dream Theater, Bon Jovi...


Subfrequent Mutilation

Torture Kit:
-Axe: Spector Basses
-Amp: Warwick Exreme
-Effects: Line 6 POD X3
Strings: DR Extra Black Beauties

Sende of Life: Making music and everything connected to that: Playing live, hangaround, drinking beer...

Baits: KöPi, Jägermeister- Red Bull and of course a beautiful character

Dislikes: People like me

Recently Read: "Gottverdammte Tage auf einem gottverdammten Planeten" Dimitri Verhulst, "Quantum und Lotus" Matthieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan Thuan

Movies: The Green Mile, 8mm, and lots of common stuff like star wars, LotR, PotC, and Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter. Also a dedicated fan of German Nonsense-Movies like "Der letzte Lude", "Doppelpack" and stuff like that,

Music: Straight-in-your-face Death Metal and Melodic Shit, yet open-minded for 90's Techno and 80's Commercial Rock.

Metallica rule, In Flames, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Illdisposed, Amorphis, Bon Jovi, Hypocrisy, Mnemic, Machine Head, Scooter, whatsoever - there is pretty much cool music out there