Bloodletter No. 59

Bloodsuckers, goatfuckers and goth nutters all around, be hailed!

It seems like a long time that you heard from me, but of course it hasn’t been a long time at all that you may have heard various noises, farts, and good ol’ distortion from the band… so yeah, we have been quite busy this year, and we have met nice people, talked tremendous amounts of shit and got pissed many many times – it’s time for a quick review I guess!

Actually, there haven’t been too many shows but the ones that we played were really awesome. Originally, we had been planning to play a tour which unfortunately did not happen. When this was out, however, organizing other shows became a little difficult… but let’s begin at the start rather than start moaning already at this point, ha!

And what a great start it has been this year! With some sort of necrophiliac pleasure, we had spent last year’s Xmas holidays in the gloomy laboratory of our Castle Frankenstein where we hacked up various body parts, chewed on the guts of slaughtered children and whispered magic chants that we learned from our god fiend Prelati, whom we knew from “Return,” all in order to revive the loveliest corpse you ever saw: I am talking about the bloated but jolly carcass of the mighty “Unleashing the Beerthirsty”-festival! Originally, this festival had been located in the Zentrum Altenberg but this time we decided to book a venue that is only like 5 meters from our rehearsal room, actually, which meant that drinks, fun, and mayhem minus the annoying bus drives. Ha!
The bands we invited have all been great and super-friendly, and we embarked on some kind of mini-tour with them afterwards, which was good clean fun as well, of course. On this special night of unleashing the beerthirsty, however, it was simply grandiose. The venue was sold out, people were going crazy, and I can’t recall the numerous funny and brilliant Metal moments of this night. Did we unleash the beerthirsty? I guess we did, Sirs! People we partying hard till morn, and our band room, which was the backstage area for the 5 bands that played, saw 8 crates of beer (do your maths: that’s 120 bottles which is 80 litres) being drunk before we decided to call it a day and death metal a genre for pussies and went to the party hall where we celebrated good old 90s eurodance and, guess what, more booze.

Next shows included Iserlohn, Mönchengladbach, and Wuppertal, but the definite highlight has been Lichtenfels, where we played the Ragnarök fest. I guess you know this festival, which means that you know that originally, it’s more some kind of a pagan affair, which is why we were a bit anxious about going there – we were afraid of waking up after being hit by a heathen hammer and having derogatory runes painted all over our sweet satanic faces. But no! Actually, everybody there has been nice and friendly, and we so enjoyed our show and stay! Besides, we shared the stage with bands such as Twilight of the Gods, which means that we saw Alan Nemtheanga, Mayhem’s Blasphemer and Nick Barker perform some tunes from the mighty Bathory with their band mates and a location gone crazy. More important than ever, the uberfriendly and nice organizing staff and the fans have been keenly aware of the notorious fascist tendencies in the scene and checked people regularly, with very bad consequences for those morons who did think they might be welcome on such an occasion – that was really good work! We celebrated this good work with uncountable cocktails at the Legacy stand where we had an autograph session where someone actually gave a collection of pralines to us. Haha, not very metal, but super-yummy, so I guess it’s ok in the end!

Another highlight for sure has been our journey to Middlesbrough, UK. You may have seen the snippets on Facebook and YouTube, and you even might have seen the film that has been made during our journey, so if you have, just skip this paragraph… the story is this: we had been asked to play the Intro Festival in England, and when we planned going there, we were asked, too, whether we would like to have some people around us who film the whole mess and turn it into a nice documentary movie. Now that we spent two years with an album that is concerned with issues of alchemy, we were of course highly interested in the question whether these people actually could turn the shit that we do and the shitfaces that we have into some golden cineastic pleasure, so we were like “yeah, why not,” and… the rest is disturbing celluloid history. The show itself was great and we had a great time, mostly because once more, the organizers have been awesome, and we enjoyed our time there on numerous parties, at home or in lush, decadent fin de siècle clubs… or at the ferry’s cocktail bar… the hotel bar… you know the story, I suppose.

And now? Currently, we are very busy like little satanic, spike-laden bees who seek to please their hot sado-queen-bee with an awesome new recording as soon as possible! That is to say, we finally got back where we belong, into the gloomy and damp vaults of Golconda, in order to write new material for a CD that we hopefully will be recording next year! This is why you won’t see us on stage anytime soon, but imagine us working hard on annoyingly long songs which for us become more and more difficult to memorize. Guess why!

Our last shows this year have also been our last shows with Guitarist Kai. Originally, he had been with us as an interim guitarist only, after Andrew left, but now that he was there and we finally remembered another fucking name, it turned out that he actually stayed for quite some time. Having been with us for about a year and a half, Kai not only supported us live but had his part in creating the next record. He leaves the Band on his own account and will remain a good friend. We say “thank you” for the good time and good laughs and hope you’ll make your way! Or you just fuck off.

What can I say more? Do stay tuned as far as new information on the record is concerned and check our message board, where you find new info punctually and regularly, and where you can discuss the stuff just as well. Apart from that, enjoy the time of yul immensely, maybe try to actually calm down, and ponder upon our lugubrious lives, just as the Catholic people tell us to do… there is so much to think about! Maybe less holier-than-thou-Metal bullshit (I grow extremely tired of trueness discussions and rants about the quality of this or that band that I have never in my whole life have heard anything of, and that I apparently do not want to know – don’t bother me with this shit anymore!), but about the stuff that really matters. Our planet that we gleefully treat like a toilet for what it’s worth. Families, animals, people who suffer from the greed of other people – the whole bloody sermon, right. And maybe, most importantly, our very own behavior – try not to be a cunt for once.

I definitely will be trying. And, ok, I will also be thinking about riffs and grooves and all this kind of stuff that matters just as much – but for now, I wish you a merry fucking Christmas and a Heavy New Year!

Best vicious,

Roman Golconda